Spontaneous psychospiritual processes are often not recognized as such, even among experienced doctors and spiritual advisors. Many of us were months or years into our processes before we realized the real nature of our mysterious condition. Even when we recognize that we are in the midst of an amazing (albeit difficult) process, guidance and information may be hard to find. Our financial resources may be limited; our access to knowledgable and skilled helpers even more scarce.

Shared Transformation was conceived as a nexus of communication and support for those of us directly involved in personal transformation. Through sharing our own experiences and insights, we can help others who feel isolated and bereft. Those who have personally undergone these profound processes are uniquely able to offer others the love, understanding and wisdom so desperately needed.

Help us! Shared Transformation has been born, and it is spreading its wings, but it isn't flying yet. Making ourselves visible enough to be seen by those who might need us is an exhaustive and tremendously expensive quest. Shared Transformation isn't a business venture; we're a nonprofit labor of love. And we need to make ourselves available to those who would most benefit from this service. Please let others know about us. To all those who have already infused ST with words of encouragement, appreciation and enthusiasm, we are grateful.

To all those who are writing for future issues, we joyfully look forward to printing your work. And for all those in crisis who have not yet heard of Shared Transformation, and who have not yet learned that help is available, we pray the spirit will lead you toward the light. And we hope that some day, somehow, you'll find your way to come fly with us too!